20 December 2009

Thalia Wilts

Feel free to switch the genders in the poem for a different poem, entitled Ego-ectomy

You ain't gonna need anymore advice

Social Commentary

When tackling issues of these magnitudes, the editor feels that the reader deserves some help in understanding the social commentary that probably wasn't clear enough in the densely packed original. Amongst the issues discussed, please note:
  • Roman numerals are no longer in use in the alternate dimension, for self-evident reasons
  • There are still sales in the alternate dimension, indicating the limited psychological changes that are possible, even upon cyborgization
  • The brain on display emphasizes the vanity still inherent in cyborg culture
  • Cyborg eyes don't decay, so gaming in the dark is a widespread behavior
  • Also, cyborgs can see in the dark anyway


A house of many mansions

10 July 2009

Ba Ba

not a continuation of the harrowing tale previously promised
we apologize for any inconvenience

02 June 2009

Phillip McGee

There once was a boy named Phillip McGee,
who liked to play in the sand by the sea,

He built up his bulwarks protecting sandcastles
to see them destroyed, dismaying the vassals.
He sang to the mermaids and joked with the fishes,
and wrote in a notebook his fears and his wishes.
(fears: butter/ being eaten alive; wishes: flan/)

Then one day a dragon arose from the sand,
And snorted contempt while surveying his land.
"You've clearly been busy my boy" he observed.
"but why are there no cries of fright to be heard?" "um"
"Something has happened, that much I've inferred" "well"
"Explain yourself boy: just what has occurred?"

"Conditions were bad, so it won't be surprising
to learn that there was a surf uprising.

I did what I could, but it wasn't to be:
the populists all toppled into the sea."

"Topple and popple. That was most clever,
I'm still going to eat you with butter, however."

And eat him he did while the mermaids looked on
(with butter) and then for dessert: an egg flan.